Flyboard is a board connected to a PWC turbine allowing the user to rise into the air, dive and jump out of the water and perform various freestyle figures. The Flyboard is connected to the PWC by a hose, (18 or 23 meters long) redirecting the water flow pressure to nozzles placed either side of the board. While managing the PWCs’ throttle, the user can reach up to 12 meters high (height varying according to the PWC power). The hydro-propulsion forces created to offer a unique sensation and a total freedom of movement to the rider.

Flyboard kit will include:

1 pair of bindings
1 rotation system equipped with specific bearings
1 supply hose (different types/lengths of hose available)
1 U pipe which reverses the PWC water outlet
1 fast clip interface


  Suspension Landing Gear

  Double Impeller

  Auxiliary Steering

  Power Nozzle

  Thrust Adapter Cap

  Neidner Stunt Hoses

  Rawhide Hoses