Durable Marine Construction. Starting from the back of the jet ski and working forward, here is what makes an X-Jets system solid. Individual CNC machined adapters for each brand of jet ski. Choose from Yamaha, SeaDoo and Kawasaki.  Four holes to connect to your jet ski pump, one solid connection, simplicity in action. 40 micron hard anodize coating and o-rings sealer connection. Marine worthy and power efficient. Stratospheric’s own 316 Stainless steel “Big Pin” Speed Clamp. Solid, fast and dependable, handles the power, workhorse day to day with no downtime.

• Produced from the highest quality material using cutting edge technology.
• Flexible movement
• Differs from other brands
• Move both feet independently allowing acrobatic moves.
• Free delivery anywhere in the UAE
• One year warranty
• Free assembly.
• 2 free personalized training sessions with our specialist.


  Suspension Landing Gear

  Double Impeller

  Auxiliary Steering

  Power Nozzle

  Thrust Adapter Cap

  Neidner Stunt Hoses

  Rawhide Hoses